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Do you shoot with flash or natural light?
I’m all about the natural light. I do shoot with flash though but only when it’s needed.
Where is the best place to take photos?
Anyplace that has significance or fits your personality. Timing of the day with the sun to get the best lighting is more important to me. The best time is before or around sunset. We can figure out locations and I’ll tell you my favorite spots!
What should I wear?
I usually prefer Earth tones or as long as no one sticks out more than another. Example; if everyones wearing white and then one person is in red. Try to coordinate, not match!
Should I bring props?
Props can be fun and help accentuate the photos especially with children. Props should never be the main focus and not for every single photo. I prefer my images to be clutter free and timeless.
What happens if my child is having a bad day?
Picture day can be hard for everyone. From all of my experience, it’s best not to hype it up and let the kids get comfortable. They’ll loosen up eventually. We are usually on their schedule so if we need to take a break and come back to it thats completely fine. Roll with the punches and sometimes the best photos come from having a bad day.